Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Definitions

In these general terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

EE Nijmegen: the trade name of one-man business Mändy van den Boogaard, with Chamber of Commerce number 66437741.

Customer: any natural or legal person with whom an agreement has been entered into

Products/Services: all items that the Customer can purchase from EE Nijmegen, in particular sessions in the Energy Enhancement System (EES).

Article 2: Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions apply to every offer, quotation, order, and purchase-sale of Products/Services between EE Nijmegen and the Customer.

EE Nijmegen makes these General Terms and Conditions available on its website www.energyenhancementnijmegen.com.

The Customer acknowledges and accepts these General Terms and Conditions.

EE Nijmegen reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing a new version on the aforementioned website. Any order placed by the Customer after the publication by EE Nijmegen of this new version implies acceptance by the Customer with the latest published version.

If EE Nijmegen has allowed deviations from these General Terms and Conditions for a short or longer period of time, whether or not implicitly, this does not affect its right to demand immediate and strict compliance with these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 3: Offer and prices

If a quotation or any other offer from EE Nijmegen has a limited period of validity or is subject to conditions, this will be explicitly stated.

The quotation or any other offer from EE Nijmegen contains such information that it is clear to the Client what rights and obligations are attached to its acceptance.

Unless expressly deviated from, the prices communicated and/or published by EE Nijmegen for the Products/Services are always in euros (€) and including VAT. The reservation of a Service is invoiced at the prices and conditions in force at the time of acceptance of the order/reservation.

EE Nijmegen is not bound by price indications that are obviously incorrect, for example in the case of printing or language errors. The Customer cannot derive any rights from unlawful price information.

EE Nijmegen has the right to increase the price of the Products/Services.

The Customer cannot claim a discount for cash payment.

Article 4: Payment

The Customer is considered solely responsible for the order and payment. If the order has been executed by a third party, this is deemed to have been done in the name and at the expense of the Customer.

The payment by the Customer to EE Nijmegen for the purchase of one or more Products/Services is made as follows: when placing a reservation online, the Customer can opt for direct online payment or payment on site. The total amount is due by the Customer at the latest immediately before the start of the appointment. This can be done on site with cash or in advance online via multiple electronic payment options. If the Customer cannot pay on arrival for the session, he may be denied access.

Invoices can be drawn up on request and are payable at the latest 14 calendar days after the invoice date or on the day of the activity (whichever is the earliest date). Any delay in payment will, by operation of law and without notice, entail an interest of 2% per month for the debtor, increased by an administrative cost of EUR 20.

Article 5: Cancellation and change of a reservation

If a cancellation takes place (either by the Customer or by EE Nijmegen) earlier than 2 days (48 hours) before the start of the session, a refund of 100% of the sum paid will be applied. The refund will be made through the same provider with which the payment was originally made, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer.

A cancellation within 48 hours before the start of the session results in a refund of only 50% of the amount paid. The refund will be made through the same provider with which the payment was originally made, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer. If the amount due for the reservation has not yet been paid, the above rules also apply: the amount must therefore be paid if necessary.

If EE Nijmegen cancels your reservation, regardless of the reason, you are entitled to a 100% refund of the amount already paid or you can make use of a free rebooking. You cannot claim compensation for costs you incur (for example travel expenses) as a result of the cancellation by EE Nijmegen.

If you wish to change your reservation (time, date, number of people) you can do this free of charge up to 2 days (48 hours) before the start of the booking. Any change is only final once you have received written confirmation from us. Changes are always based on availability and can be done online.

If you wish to change your reservation within 48 hours before the start of your reservation, you must do this by telephone on the number that you can find on www.energyenhancementnijmegen.com

An administrative fee of EUR 20 will be charged. Changes are always based on availability.

Article 6: Appointments during your visit

EE Nijmegen adheres to a fixed timetable. If you arrive later than the agreed time, you can still participate in the session, but the session will not end at a later time. The duration of your stay will therefore be shortened. In that case there is also no right to a (partial) refund, in any form whatsoever.

During your session you can use our sun loungers. If you wish, you are allowed to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer to lie on the floor. Blankets and pillows are available in our room, it is allowed to bring your own sleeping material.

There is drinking water available in the room, the use of which is free.

It is allowed to leave the room during the session to go to the toilet.

The use of mobile phones or iPads is strictly prohibited with us. We recommend leaving your phone outside or in your bag. If you still wish to take it with you, we will ask you to set it to airplane mode. If you wish to listen to music via your phone, you must have downloaded it beforehand.

We ask that you do not speak or whisper in the room. Try to be as quiet as possible at all times so as not to disturb others and to give them the opportunity to relax.

The EES system (EESystem) must not be touched under any circumstances. The installation has been carefully aligned to provide an optimal experience. In the event of non-compliance with this rule, we reserve the right to deny you access to the session.

In principle, EE Nijmegen should be wheelchair accessible. If you book a session with us and arrive with a wheelchair, we ask you to inform us in advance via info@energyenhancementnijmegen.com. We would like to know any dimensions and extra help you would need so that we can help you as well as possible. It is allowed to attend the session in your own wheelchair.

Article 7: Liability

EE Nijmegen does not provide medical advice, does not make diagnoses and our sessions should not be seen as medical treatment. For medical advice, please contact your doctor or other healthcare professional. Customers are advised to submit medical questions, complaints or symptoms to the treating physician or other healthcare professional in a timely manner in order to receive professional examination, diagnostics and possible medical care. Customers are advised never to delay seeking professional care in a timely manner or to disregard medical advice already obtained on the basis of the information on our website.

EE Nijmegen cannot be held liable for damage to persons, goods (including the Products), animals, services, etc. that would be the direct or indirect result of our Products/Services, except in the case of fraud or deceit.

Article 8: Privacy

Personal data requested by EE Nijmegen will only be used for the purpose that is clearly described in the software or to contact you in order to provide the best possible service. We do not pass on or sell this information to third parties. You have the right to view, modify or delete this data.

Your data is only kept digitally.

Article 9: Applicable law and competent court

The contractual relationship between EE Nijmegen and the Customer is exclusively governed by Dutch law. Any dispute falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the judicial district of North Brabant.