Longitudinal research into the effects on well-being after a stay in an Energy Enhancement System.

The many positive “testimonials” from visitors to Energy Enhancement locations suggest a positive impact on the well-being of these visitors across a broad spectrum of well-being. Energy Enhancement has had several studies conducted into the effects. The results of these studies are promising and provide direction for possible further research. The follow-up study at Energy Enhancement Nijmegen proposed below is one of the studies that will further give form and content to this.

The research location is located at the Energy Enhancement System Nijmegen location. A 24 unit system was installed here in 2024 for research purposes. An EE cube is also available at this location for sensitive people. This location is equipped with 6 chairs for research purposes.


Respondents register for one or more sessions at the Energy Enhancement location. Prior to the first visit, respondents are asked to complete the SAS questionnaire as a baseline measurement. This questionnaire will be sent again following each visit. This creates a series of SAS questionnaires completed over time. This makes it possible to monitor developments in well-being for each participant over time based on the SAS questionnaires.

Survey design:

The 40 item Brief Index of Self-Actualization questionnaire is used for the questionnaires.

This 40-item questionnaire is an intermediate form between the very extensive POI Survey (Personal Orientation Index) and the very compact 15-item SAS questionnaire.

Start research:

The research will start with a series of baseline measurements (one per participant participating in the research) from July 1, 2024. The completed questionnaire will be developed for research on June 1, 2025. This cycle will be repeated annually. In 2034 (10 years after the start of the research), a more extensive analysis will be carried out on the obtained measurements.

Research question:

To what extent does being present in the scalar field of an Energy Enhancement System influence the well-being of the participants?


There is a positive correlation between the number of hours a respondent is exposed to the scalar field of an Energy Enhancement System and the improvement in this respondent's well-being.


If you have any questions or are curious about the possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.