How It Works

The Energy Enhancement System

The Energy Enhancement System™ (EESystem™) generates bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including scalar waves which can provide our bodies the ultimate fuel for improving circulation, oxygenation, and increasing cellular energy. At optimum energy levels, the body can rejuvenate and recalibrate itself back to homeostasis.

This impressive technology was developed by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D., DNM, DCSJI over 20 years ago using custom-installed computers to generate morphogenic energy fields that can promote healing.

Feelings of Calmness, Harmony, Zen, Oneness, Peace, Relaxation

Better Mental Health & Relief from Severe Pain

Natural Healing & Rejuvenation & Sense of Increased Energy

Improved Existentially & Mental Flexibility/Clarity



The EESystem has been recognized at dozens of medical, scientific and professional conferences around the world. Scalar fields are well known in astrophysics, geology and hydrodynamics. The human body has crystalline structures in every cell wall that are capable of holding a charge. When the human body enters a scalar field, the electromagnetic field of the individual becomes excited. EESystem uses scalar technology to return to the body to a more original and appropriate electrical matrix.

The EESystem can help you achieve your maximum potential by recharging your energy. Imagine what this can do for you!

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First time, just finished. Felt so good. Can’t really put it into words… deep relaxation, no anxiety, felt very safe. Everyone needs this!

Maria S.


Wonderful experience! So peaceful and calming. My son is 12 and sat nicely for 2 hours and enjoyed it as well. We will definitely be coming back.

Vanessa G.


Within in minutes I fell into a deep relaxing state…Looking forward to seeing results for sleep and mood. Two hours went very quickly! Doing 4 next time!

Pauline G.


The experience is very relaxing and I can’t wait to come back weekly for more sessions. I am over 50, have female issues after menopause and after the first session I stopped bleeding. Now when I go I send energy to the entire group, in a heart shape and the energy touches everyone in the room and comes back to me.

Doris L.


Wow when I first entered the healing energy, I felt so very thankful. Then as soon as I sat down and relaxed, I felt such LOVE energy and so worthy, tears were just flowing down, first time feeling this energy in my lifetime, it felt like a huge hug from the Universe.

Lorraine G.


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